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SF 365 update

365 update. taking a picture a day is has been great, as of february 29. the light in my apartment is dim and terrible, and i’m often uncomfortable whipping out my camera in public. it’s a good challenge. speaking of wonder woman, a nice piece on the concept of mary sue. (hello young ian mckellen) […]

SF Sketchfest is here!

  this is my guide to the festival (minus the first 3 days) b/c there is a whole lot of awesome i don’t plan on missing. if you want to stalk me, here’s where i shall be found. some great stuff is already sold out so i skipped those in my suggestions b/c you know-tickets […]

In California, he collapsed famous patriarch sequoia

The Pioneer Cabin Tree, more popularly known as the Tunnel Tree and located in the Sierra Nevada region of California, has toppled over during a storm on Sunday. The Pioneer Cabin Tree is thought to have been at least 1,000-years-old and was in the Calaveras County area of California. The Tunnel Tree was a very […]

San Francisco Getaway Weekend

We’ve put together a long weekend itinerary in San Francisco, including the best places to eat, drink, and shop. As part of a new series, Travel + Leisure is exploring America one three-day weekend at a time. In a strategically planned weekend like this, you can hit the best neighborhoods (and attractions) for a comprehensive […]

Things To do In San Francisco

Things To Do In San Francisco If you’re looking for things to do in San Francisco, the city is one of those rare cities that offers almost timeless appeal. One of the greatest things that can be said about this great city is that the things that attract its youngest visitors are also quite often […]